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Swiss Triplets : Roberto Haçaturyan


"My commitment allows me to support cultures from which I have learned so much and to give something back"

Arthur Hnatek - 2021-05-05
Swiss Triplets : Roberto Haçaturyan - © Felix Frei
© Felix Frei

For the last episode of Swiss Triplets, we meet Roberto (Robbie as he is called) Haçaturyan, the Swiss ethnomusicologist who balances out his time as percussionist for multiple groups and as music specialist for artlink. artlink is a Swiss agency representing art and culture from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Its aim is to list, support and network cultural professionals from these regions of the world and encourage their access to the Swiss cultural market.


Born to a Sicilian mother and an Armenian father, Robbie has a fascinating background that has led him to study percussion in Ghana, Cuba and Brazil. Today, through his involvement with artlink, he tries to forge links and build bridges between groups from various regions. A perfect project for him who wants to give back a little of everything he has received and learned through his travels.I had the pleasure of asking him how these intercultural encounters were going: What are the general impressions of foreign artists when they arrive in Switzerland and what kind of reception does the Swiss public have in store for them? I was particularly intrigued by the problematic of what he calls "ethno-marketing", which tends to perpetuate clichés, lead to biased public expectations and limit the artists in their creative process. |