Swiss Triplets


Arthur Hnatek swaps his sticks for a microphone to present a podcast on Swiss music.

Arthur Hnatek - 2020-11-24
Swiss Triplets -

Interested in drummer Arthur Hnatek's project, the editorial staff gave him the opportunity to double-up as a journalist and present his musical overview of Switzerland. During the next few weeks, we have the pleasure of discovering a series of interviews conducted by the musician, highlighting the experience and the perspective of different musicians on the Swiss scene.


My name is Arthur Hnatek. I am a musician, born in Geneva and now living in Zurich. My musical journey led me to study jazz in New York, travel as a drummer for Tigran Hamasyan, Erik Truffaz and also lead my own projects. This trajectory is unique because it made me leave my native country when I was still very young. Today, I often wonder about the place of Swiss music on an international scale. During confinement, I created regular meetings on social media where I conducted a series of interviews with different players from the musical world. In order to continue this research, and this time via podcast, I want to direct my attention specifically to the Swiss music scene. Deeply inspired by the long and spontaneous format of a radio interview, I went in search of personalities in order to find out more about their experiences.

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