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Balcony and sitting room live-streams, plus musical quizzes. This DJ collective wants to keep the city and people moving.

admin - 2020-04-08
The homies -

The Lausanne collective, made up of Blaster B, Chief, Green Giant, Kronos, Léo Luscher, Ngoc Lan, Soul Koffi and Willy Sunshine, has embarked on the mission to liven up sitting rooms and streets with good sounds. Live from their balconies and live-streams on social media, the members of the collective offer DJ sets that are often tailor-made. As Chief says: "Tonight, I had to please my neighbours so I played France Gall, we had lots of different styles going on."

On Instagram, the collective organises musical quizzes and other auditory delights, something to "offer a way out during this extremely anxiety-provoking period" according to Green Giant.

A small report has already been done on this Vaud initiative:

La party n'est pas finie. (Nouvo, RTS, 2020) - in French

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