An arrow straight to the heart


Flèche Love, known as the voice of Kadebostany, unveiled her solo project at Les Créatives festival before playing at the Rennes Transmusicales .

Elisabeth Stoudmann - 2017-12-07
An arrow straight to the heart -

"I use music to be political", said Flèche Love at a panel discussion entitled "Feminism and Antiracism in Urban Culture" organised by Les Créatives festival. Flèche Love dreams of a "societal revolution" and wants to "give hope" as she explained during the Magnétic show on Espace 2 on the eve of her concert. On her website, Flèche Love explains: : « Fleche love is not only about music, it’s my project and you are part of it, Fleche Love is a scream coming from the deepest part of myself and I truly know that I am not the only one who needs to howl with rage, a change is gonna come.”



Although she has only released one song to date, Umusuna, (which means the return to the womb), Flèche Love is already the name on all the lips of the new talent headhunters. The proof, she’s performing soon as one of the Swiss choice of Swiss Music Export at the Kenland club as part of the "off" festival at Transmusicales in Rennes.

Flèche Love - Umusuna (feat. Rone)

It’s worth noting that Umusuna was created with the famous French electro composer Rone and that Flèche Love, whose real name, Amina Cadelli, was for four years, the singer - but also the melody maker and lyricist of Kadebostany. The artist does not exactly pop out of nowhere and her solo project is clearly an affirmation of a renaissance. Amina Cadelli is not shy to say that she left Kadebostany frustrated to have been put forward just for her voice and the plasticity of her body. Starting off now as she means to go on , Flèche Love proposes a project that conveys her ideas and values. She appears today, not only as a singer - always excellent with her vibrant and engaging voice - but as a composer-arranger-producer. Although surrounded by many collaborators, Flèche Love is behind every idea, from music to lyrics, from costumes to videos.


A woman of the stage

On 25th November 2017 at the Onex community centre, Flèche Love choses black for her very first concert as part of Les Créatives festival. Black tunics for each of her musicians including herself, her cleavage and arms covered with tattoos. On each side stands "the man of the machines", "the man of the rhythms" and "the man of the vibrations". If each of them relies on electronics to produce sounds, the fact remains that acoustic sounds are present via flute, violin or oud pre-recorded on magnetic tapes and played by a Melltoron. The music of Flèche Love is a great melting pot unified by her gestures, her dancing, her voice and her charismatic presence. The titles of her songs evoke the sculptor Camille Claudel next to the Hindu goddess Kali or the logician and mathematician Kurt Gödel. A lot of inspiring but tormented figures.

Flèche Love - Clouds

A fragmented music

A Sufi at heart, Flèche Love manages to create a modern and mystical universe with clear intentions. Her content is impacted by the theatricality of her music, declined in French and English and varying between electro, trip hop and hip hop. The ensemble is very seductive and danceable, although the sounds are sometimes a bit too easy, for example the catchy Bollywood-style melodies on the track dedicated to Kali. "My music resembles the architecture of my mind, so it's very fragmented," says Amina Cadelli. And it is precisely this multitude of styles, sounds and influences that Flèche Love uses to build and knead her universe. It’s a thoroughly convincing first concert from someone we feel is ready to try again and again to refine their approach. Flèche Love’s first EP is scheduled for the beginning of 2018 and her album at the end of the year. Be prepared!