Talented young artists available to listen to!

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The 60 candidates of Demotape Clinic 2020, an m4music festival project, are now available for your listening pleasure online.

admin & m4music - 2020-03-30
Talented young artists available to listen to! -

The pop festival, m4music, scheduled for 19th – 21st March 2020, organised by the Migros cultural incentive programme, was cancelled. Along with the festival, the Demotape Clinic project for which 844 artists had registered was also shelved. The Demotape Clinic aims to support the next generation of Swiss musicians in the fields of pop, rock, electronic and urban music by offering young artists a platform for presentation and promotion. In the form of a competition, the winners of each category receive the FONDATION SUISA prize of 3,000 CHF. The event did not take place, but the young artists are still present. So here is a selection of the most exciting songs that represent the future of current Swiss music scene!

Demotape Clinic - Electronic


Demotape Clinic - Pop


Demotape Clinic - Rock


Demotape Clinic - Urban 


Worth noting: The m4music team is creating a concept to present the Demotape Clinic digitally. More information can be found on the m4music.ch website.