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Swiss Triplets : Brandy Butler


"In Switzerland, I can constantly create new identities for myself."

Arthur Hnatek - 2021-02-04
Swiss Triplets : Brandy Butler - © Philip Frowein
© Philip Frowein

For this latest interview, I met up with an artist who built her musical career in Switzerland, without having grown up here. I was eager for a musician of foreign origin to share with me their experience of discovering a Swiss musical identity and artistic life. I found this opportunity with Brandy Butler.



Brandy Butler is a singer, instrumentalist, actress and activist who has been living in Zurich for 16 years. Originally from Pennsylvania, USA, she has an impressive artistic career both as a singer and in a variety of multidisciplinary contexts.

I loved collecting her first memories and impressions of the musical situation in Switzerland. According to her, it lacks a strong identity (despite the positive points she also feels in this regard). What I get from this interview is how she perceives a call towards ever more freedom from the younger generations and how she appreciates the diversity of interactions - herself having assembled a group of musicians from all over Switzerland for her latest album, The Inventory of Goodbye. Although she has suffered from various projections made against her, Brandy ends up confiding that she loves living in Switzerland and building her art from this new home.