m4music, a national and international success

For three days, m4music resonated to the sounds of the best in Swiss and international pop and debated issues relating to this musical genre.

Elisabeth Stoudmann, 2018-04-05
m4music, a national and international success - Schiffbau, Zurich
Schiffbau, Zurich
m4music, a national and international success - Conference @ m4music
Conference @ m4music
m4music, a national and international success - KT Gorique ©m4music
KT Gorique ©m4music
m4music, a national and international success - Jessiquoi ©m4music
Jessiquoi ©m4music

" My objective? To get paid for the music I make. So far, I only earn a living thanks to extracurricular activities, for example my production work for other artists » explains Robin Girod at one of the first m4music debates at the Moods Club in Zurich on Friday 23rd March. The singer and guitarist is nevertheless active in two very prominent groups on the French-speaking Swiss music scene, Duck Duck Grey Duck and L'Orage, and runs the Cheptel record label. He immediately raises the key question, the one at the heart of most of the debates put forward by m4music: how to earn money by making music? What about crowdfunding campaigns? What about copyright? What about the financing of the RTS that promotes the Swiss music scene and emerges rather shaken by the recent "No Billag" vote?



The pitfalls inherent in our all too small country are numerous. One of them is probably that pop music is seen as the poor cousin of the general cultural landscape. The artistic status that might exist in France is not ready to see the light of day on this side of the Jura. We could, however, find solace in the fact that there are other European countries where the fate of musicians is much worse: England and Germany, for example.

KT Gorique ©m4music


And so be it ! In the spring of 2018, the Swiss music scene shines brightly in the various rooms of the Schiffbau, the big hall in the Escher-Wyss district, originally designed as a shipbuilding factory. Amongst the 26 representatives of the Swiss scene attracting attention are Zeal and Ardor's metallic-funk group (following in the footsteps of the American cult group Living Color) ; Bombers and their electro aesthetics ; the rappers KT Gorique and Rootwords. All of them are making their mark. Also worthy of a mention, Emilie Zoe’s excellent performance alongside the drummer Nicolas Pittet. Under a relentless sun on La Chaux-de-Fonnière open-air stage, she delivered a convincing performance thanks to her determined voice, minimalist rock style punctuated by spacious rhythms and her very beautiful stage presence.

Emilie Zoé - Leaving San Francisco

The prize for the best 2018 demo went to Jessiquoi, an Australian resident of Bern. This DJ/vocalist/producer/loop-mixer of all styles manages to mash-up electro-pop with traditional Chinese erhu violin and the guzheng harp into an amazing musical puzzle.

Jessiquoi - The Rebel

The 21st edition of the Migros Culture Percentage Music Festival was a sold out smash with 6700 spectators delighting in not only local talent, but also international artists like Ibeyi. Fabrice and Jacob Banks. Not a bad show!