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Swiss Triplets : Andreas Ryser


"I see a lot of similarities between a football coach and a music manager"

Arthur Hnatek - 2021-01-08
Swiss Triplets : Andreas Ryser -

For this third interview, I went to meet someone with a rich experience of promotion and distribution of music in Switzerland. Andreas Ryser and his label Mouthwatering Records is one of the iconic figures of the national pop and electronic scene. A former musician, now very much involved in the music business as a promoter and manager, he seemed an interesting candidate for me to interview.

Andreas begins by retracing his career: his passion for volleyball, discovering the turntables at the Reitschule in Bern, his memorable performance at the Sonar festival in Barcelona. He ends with the story of his label, Mouthwatering Records.


As already mentioned by Nik Bärtsch in a previous podcast, Andreas Ryser discusses the evolution of the Swiss scene and its audience. He views this development very positively, but regrets that Swiss music and its business are not taken seriously enough and considered as vectors of export by politicians.