Make Some Room

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A compilation that brings together a wide range of artists from the Swiss electronic music scene with an original and united spirit.

admin - 2020-04-16
Make Some Room -

In the space of 3 weeks, the CultureClubCH association has brought together a hundred artists to produce the compilation Make some room : Electronic Relief in Switzerland. Artists who are well-established or soon-to-be, pioneers and newcomers, and coming from all the linguistic regions of Switzerland. They have all entered into the spirit of things, producing music for the living room rather than for the club or dance floor – one of the main criteria for participating in this sound initiative.

Make Some Room delivers 14 hours of music thanks to Yello, Bruno Spoerri, Aïsha Devi, Mehmet Aslan, Feldermelder or Martina Lussi.


The compilation is published on the Décalé label and sells at 25 CHF, the profits go to participants in financial difficulty.

A creative and collaborative concept which helps to paint a picture of Swiss electronic and alternative music scene.