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Swiss Triplets : Carine Zuber


"A great concert is testimony to a human story"

Arthur Hnatek - 2020-12-15
Swiss Triplets : Carine Zuber -

For this series of interviews, I wanted to meet protagonists from different musical areas, but not just the musicians. I immediately thought of Carine Zuber whom I have known and admired for a long time. Programmer and organizer of live concerts, it seemed important to me to question her on the development of the Swiss music scene.

After having co-directed the Cully Jazz Festival and also set up a booking agency in Paris, Carine became director of the Zurich jazz club, Moods. Indispensable and ultra-active, she also embodies the concept of inclusion and exchange between the different Swiss language regions.


In the first part of our interview, Carine introduces me to her club, the famous Moods in Zürich. Then she retraces her life journey: from her childhood in the Biel countryside to her involvement in Expo.02 (editor's note: a Swiss national exhibition taking place every 25 years, the last one took place in the 3 lakes region), her studies, her stay in Paris and her meeting with Erik Truffaz. Then we come to the question of volunteering, widely used in the cultural sector.

We continue onto Swiss musical identity and its development, particularly with regard to the public's perception of musical activities and offers.
To conclude, I ask Carine where her motivation comes from to invest so intensively in music and, unavoidably, what repercussions the COVID-19 situation has had on her business.



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